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The following books were authored by Dr. Eleanor Hooks, including those she wrote under her pen name, Ndidi.

“I Am Well Where It Really Matters: Meaning from Cancer” by Dr. Eleanor Hooks is a powerful cancer memoir that explores the depths of human resilience in the face of adversity.

In this intimate account, Dr. Hooks shares her transformative journey through cancer, combining personal experiences with insights on mindfulness, faith, and the strength of community.

As a guide through her emotional labyrinth, she reveals how the challenges of cancer became opportunities for enlightenment and self-discovery. This memoir is not just a story of battling a disease, but a deeper exploration of finding inner wisdom and power. It is an inspiring narrative that serves as a beacon of hope, urging readers to find what truly matters in life.

This book is perfect for those facing cancer, profound loss or other significant tribulation as it is a testament to hope and the unyielding human spirit.

Available in e-book, hardcover, and paperback formats, “I Am Well Where It Really Matters” invites you to embrace resilience and transformation, offering a guiding light for your own journey.

African Zen

African Zen is an exposition of the link between spiritual experience and the wisdom of African proverbs. The proverbs are a springboard for the 108 meditations that describe the author’s belief in our relationship with Universal Spirit, and the joy in realizing the power of the present moment.

A Daily Sip of Joy and Peace

In A Daily Sip of Joy and Peace, Eleanor Hooks assures us that joy and peace are always present in our lives, in spite of daily challenges and failed attempts to make sense out of the pain and suffering. Each daily essay is a sip — a small, soothing elixir much like a calming cup of tea.

Finding Joy – Finding Yourself

Finding Joy-Finding Yourself is a collection of quotes from inspirational leaders, poets, writers and personalities. The book is organized to illuminate the nine principles for a joyful life, guidelines for experiencing a joyful life in the present moment – the Now.

Tea Leaves: A Little Book About Being Who You Are

Tea Leaves is a collection of quotes by the author with commentary. Ndidi, the author encourages the reader to experience peace, joy, and happiness in the present moment. The book explores nine principles for a joyful life. Through the nine principles, the reader develops deeper trust and faith in the relationship to All-That-Is.

Living in the Presence: Lyrical Reflections

This collection of poems is a testament to the power of Presence in our lives and the freedom that comes with the awareness that the universal Presence is incomprehensible. Without the struggle to understand, we are free to experience life as it is and to strengthen our faith. In the Presence, we experience who we really are and open our hearts to others with compassion and loving-kindness.