Empowering People of Color and Women to Break Through Corporate Barriers

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Need help breaking free from constraints to become the leader you’re meant to be?

You’ve come a long way. You’re accomplished, highly educated, capable, and competent. But, there are still very real and specific obstacles in front of you, and it can be difficult to know how to overcome them and where to turn for guidance.

Like many people of color and women in leadership positions, you need a special resilience to face microaggressions in your work environment, build self-confidence when there is little or no feedback, and develop a career strategy grounded in robust relationships and a powerful personal brand.

In the corporate world, it’s especially crucial for people of color and women to excel in skills such as these:

  • Navigating the nuances of authenticity
  • Dismantling self-sabotaging behaviors
  • Tackling imposter syndrome
  • Addressing mistakes with grace
  • Determining when it’s time to move on
  • Building self-confidence in the face of limited feedback
  • Connecting with a supportive network of like-minded individuals
  • Embracing self-compassion and prioritizing self-care
  • Finding your distinct voice
  • Managing crises with poise and focus

With the support of an experienced executive coach who empathizes with your unique challenges, it is possible for you to master these skills and uncover your true potential.

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I’m here to listen…

I’m Dr. Eleanor Hooks, an executive coach with over 500 clients under my belt. My mission is to empower, encourage and equip people of color and women in corporate leadership roles by leveraging my extensive experience working with a wide range of leaders in corporations and other organizations.

As a certified leadership coach, mindfulness expert, and organizational development expert, I’m here to support you in becoming the extraordinary leader you’re destined to be.

Do you sometimes feel isolated or alienated in your work environment and even hyper-aware of your differences from your co-workers?

Has the constant pressure you face made you become overly cautious, reluctant to voice your opinions, or hesitant to take on new challenges out of fear of confirming others’ negative perceptions?

Do you struggle with a nagging sense of imposter syndrome that leaves you in a constant state of anxiety and stress, sometimes hindering your ability to perform at your best?

Know this…

There is nothing wrong with you.

There are systemic norms that are baked into organizational structures to specifically oppose the growth, progress, and visibility of people of color and women, reinforcing barriers to their success.

Drawing from my own experiences, I am all too familiar with the challenges faced by people of color and women in the corporate world, as I’ve navigated my share of situations where my voice was silenced or disregarded. I’ve come to realize that achieving success involves more than just gaining knowledge—it calls for support, insight, and a dedicated, trustworthy mentor.

Together, you and I can focus on strengthening your self-confidence, boosting your ‘brand presence’, and overcoming self-defeating patterns. I’ll help you evolve into a more confident, insightful, resilient, strategic and self-aware leader.

Let’s explore working together.


Let’s find the gift or opportunity in what you’re experiencing


What to Expect


You’ll meet with Dr. Hooks for a complimentary 30-minute discovery call so she can assess your needs and determine how she might assist you with her coaching services.


Once your discovery call is complete and there is a mutual decision to engage, Dr. Hooks will structure a customized approach for your coaching sessions.


After an engagement contract is signed, your sessions will begin and you’ll start on a journey of self-discovery, clarity, empowerment, and increased self-confidence.