About Dr. Hooks

About Dr. Hooks

“I encourage anyone who wants to learn how to approach life with a unique lens of hope to contact Dr. Hooks.”

Dr. Eleanor Hooks is dedicated to helping leaders reach their full potential. Her passion for coaching stems from her personal experiences, and her desire to be a supportive and nurturing force for others.

Known for her deep wisdom, innovative strategies, breadth of experience, and calm, reassuring demeanor, Dr. Hooks has long been sought out by individuals and organizations throughout the country.

She has education and experience in counselor education and training, and was an adjunct professor at The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland for four years. For eighteen months, she studied in the Organization and Systems Development Program at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland and in 1994, after an intensive training in coaching at the Gestalt Institute, she began a transition to coaching. With a Certification in Leadership Coaching and training in group process, Dr. Hooks has facilitated leadership training, developed whole systems change, coached more than 500 leaders over decades of independent practice.

Throughout her work in various corporate programs, she observed that talented people of color and women often struggled to have their voices heard and appreciated. This inspired her to focus on becoming a coach to support their success and well-being.

Dr. Hooks knows that achieving success requires the support of a champion and trusted advisor to move from frustrated and fearful to fierce. Her goal is to guide her clients through a journey of self-discovery so they can realize their true selves and unlock their potential.

Dr. Hooks’ qualifications include:

  • Ph.D. in Intercultural Education
  • M.Ed. in Counseling
  • Organization & System Development from the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland
  • Gestalt Group Process
  • Gestalt Hypnotherapy Intensive
  • Certified MBTI facilitator
  • Gestalt Coaching Intensive
  • A.K. Rice Institute, Covert Process in Groups
  • Former National Training Labs (NTL) member
  • Certified Leadership Coach, Impact Development, Registered Corporate Coach
  • Former Nationally Certified Counselor
  • Harrison Assessment Solutions Provider
  • Mindfulness, Insight Meditation Society
  • Positive Intelligence™, 7-week Program

Dr. Hooks’ clients often come to her with concerns such as fear of failure and questions about sociopolitical and structural barriers that interrupt their progress. They want clarity and strategy in understanding and adeptly managing conflict, career progression, and improving their performance while managing fears and frustrations at work.

Those who work with Dr. Hooks can expect to experience increased self-confidence and an improvement in their ability to manage self-sabotaging behavior. Her ultimate desire is for her clients to become unapologetically confident, wise, and self-aware.

Dr. Hooks believes in coaching the “whole person” and that coaching should transform behaviors and create space for the whole person to show up.

Coaching with Dr. Hooks is a process of discovery. If you’re ready to unlock your true potential and experience the supportive and nurturing guidance of Dr. Hooks, reach out today to begin your journey.

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