The Smart Change Group, Inc.                                         
The right change at the right time

About Dr. Hooks

Eleanor Hooks, Ph.D.


 Since 1984, Dr. Eleanor Hooks and her strategic partners have provided
quality consulting and training to Fortune 500 companies, government
agencies, educational institutions and individuals.

Developing smart change that is inclusive, effective and timely are values that are at the heart of The Smart Change Group and its services. Dr. Hooks and her strategic partners accomplish this in numerous ways. For example, The Group currently:

·         Coaches leaders for excellent results

·         Builds inclusive environments so that everyone can contribute to organizational goals

·         Facilitates team building sessions to identify and overcome dysfunctions that interfere with cohesiveness

·         Develops customized programs and collaborates with organizational leaders to launch initiatives

·         Uses an appreciative approach to assessing organizational needs to stimulate a positive direction for the organization.

·         Works with leaders to develop strategic plans that are living documents with practical, actionable goals and strategies.

Partial List of SCG Clients

·         Corning Incorporated

·         BMW Manufacturing Corporation

·         Equifax Corporation

·         BASF Quincy Operations

·         Augusta Partnership for Children

·         Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta

·         City of Atlanta, Department of Human Resources

·         McIntosh Trail Community Service Board

·         Hospice Savannah

·         Kennesaw State University

·         City of Atlanta

Here’s what clients say about Dr. Hooks

“Our work with Dr. Hooks has had a significant impact on the operating environment in our organization. Her vast experience and knowledge coupled with strong facilitation and leadership skills have greatly accelerated our progress in inclusiveness and organizational

Mike Angolia
Corning Incorporated


“At BMW Manufacturing Corporation we have a combination of business challenges and opportunities. Eleanor worked with our associates to develop an organizational plan specifically designed to address each associate's goals. Her coaching and facilitation skills are impeccable! I am always amazed at her creative methods of bringing out our best.”

Sky Foster, Manager of Compensation, Recruitment and Working Structures, BMW Manufacturing Corporation

“You can be an experienced professional with knowledge and expertise, but every position requires a learning curve and sometimes you need assistance in objectively maximizing your competencies. Dr. Eleanor Hooks has been very effective in helping me to translate the strengths of my background into this position, which has required new learning. In addition, she is encouraging new levels of professional growth exploration. I can see concrete changes in our work together, but it’s the non-tangible benefit that is more rewarding.”


Kimberly Sutton, Ph. D., former CEO of Cool Girls, Inc.


“Dr. Eleanor Hooks uses sound coaching technology to create a shared understanding of her client’s needs and processes to meet those needs. Her ability to create awareness in her clients around what they want and how they stop themselves from getting it is the key to her clients being able to make the progress they desire. This use of client resistance as a vehicle of change is the critical piece of work.”

Neil Sklarew, Faculty, Gestalt International Coaching Program